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twin data center

Twin data center

Datacenter.com delivers a complete Twin Data Center solution to ensure the highest availability for your critical IT environment. A breakdown of your IT infrastructure can lead to data loss and disrupt transactions. We can offer data center facilities in two geographically separate locations with the highest security and availability.

Tell us what your business needs

Each business has different IT needs. Datacenter.com takes a consultative approach to your requirements. Our facilities are purpose-built to support all modern disaster recovery and twin data center requirements. Together with you we look at the current state of your infrastructure and check whether there is a redundancy plan for your data. By asking the right questions we identify your requirements and design a plan that works for you.

Twin data center advantages

There are many advantages for using the Datacenter.com Twin Data Center solutions. Your equipment will be collocated in two geographically separated locations with the possibility to use synchronized replication to support your most critical workloads, through one of the many redundant fiber connections between the data center facilities.

“We offer data center facilities in two geographically separate locations, providing you with the highest possible security and availability.”

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