Network Solution Providers

Network Solution Providers facilities are built on the backbone of the Internet close to the major telecommunication hubs. We operate to the highest international standards which allow network customer traffic to flow seamlessly into, throughout, and out of our locations

Regional, national and network providers can expand their reach economy by joining’s carrier-neutral data center facilities and colocation services. As carrier-neutral data center provider we don’t compete with our Customers (so your business).

Your requirements, your configuration

Our experience is that the demands of providing the infrastructure of the carrier  applications generate a set of requirements that aren’t easily addressable by the majority of the data centers. Through our flexible approach, you have the ability to select from a range of customization capabilities. Adaptability is the underlying philosophy in our design, and we provide you a variety of alternatives to choose from to customize your data center to meet your specific operational requirements.

Colocation for Network Service Providers:

  • We are neutral and don’t compete with our Customers;
  • data center facilities are located at the backbone of the Internet, close to all major telecommunication hubs;
  • We offer subsidized colocation solutions for network service providers who build PoPs in our facility;
  • Connectivity to major Internet Exchanges, such as AMS-IX;
  • offers low cross-connection costs as well inter-connect costs to other data center facilities (through partners);
  • High quality data center facility, with state-of-the-art local fiber network (based on Corning);
  • 24×7 on-site staff to help carriers (reduce in labor costs);
  • Flexible, reliable, secure service-led infrastructure solutions, adaptable to your business needs.

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