Why you should use cloud direct connect

Why you should use cloud direct connect

Cloud infrastructures have been allowing IT to better scale services. According to Gartner, by 2019, 30% of all enterprises will connect to their cloud providers via cloud direct connect solutions, up from 5% in 2017 (600% growth in two years). More and more companies move to the cloud but realize that not every application can live there and what generate the demand for direct connections (cloud direct connect) to the public cloud services.

But what is cloud direct connect? Cloud direct connect allows enterprises to access public cloud services (i.e. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, TencentCloud, etc) over a dedicated, private connection rather than over the public Internet. The benefits of direct cloud connections to your own network include greater reliability, better performance (better speed, lower latencies) and a higher security than typical connections over the Internet.

Reduce costs

The costs of WAN and public Internet connectivity can be significant. The cost of moving a lot of data to your cloud provider vary per provider, but often are expensive. By using a neutral data center, you have access to multiple carriers who can provide you the necessary public Internet connections and direct cloud connect services. By segmenting the various network workloads, you can often realize savings in bandwidth and reduce the costs of moving data to your public cloud provider.


By replacing a “best effort” network, such as the public Internet with a direct connection to your cloud provider, you gain consistency in throughput and performance. As the mathematical principle states, “the shortest distance between two points is a line.” By using cloud direct connect services you’re connecting to the cloud provider in a straight line and increasing your performance.


Before cloud direct connect, the only way to access the public cloud provider was through a public Internet connection. The public Internet is prone to many failures what makes this connection unpredictable and unreliable for your core business. Cloud direct connections provide the reliability of a private network, what guarantee the highest uptime, what is important to many industries.


Business risks comes in many forms. The threat of a cybersecurity attack can be seen as a reputational, compliance and operational risk for your business. By establishing a direct connection to your public cloud provider or providers, you’re able to eliminate many types of risks.

Faster time-to-deployment

Introducing hybrid IT solutions will introduce advantages but will also add complexity to managing your connectivity providers. With cloud direct connect, you no longer need to rely on various network providers for each public cloud provider. With cloud direct connect your organization can immediately begin working with multiple public cloud providers with a single secure connection with unlimited growth.


Your innovation shouldn’t be limited by speed or bandwidth issues. When your organization needs change, so should your cloud services. In our opinion, this also applies to your colocation contract, therefore we offer flexible colocation services: Start Direct Cabinet. To learn more about your connectivity and colocation options and how Datacenter.com can provide flexible colocation services to meet your user-specific needs, just give us a call at +31 (0)20 2384200, or drop us an email at info@datacenter.com.

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