Start Direct Cabinet Colocation explained

Start Direct Cabinet Colocation explained

The world is fast changing, and more brands are no longer fascinated with the idea of subscribing to long-term colocation contracts. It is crucial for you to adjust to the trends of the fast-moving markets and ensure you are not left behind in recent activities in your business. At, we aim to offer your business freedom.

Business is uncertain

Business growth and expansion are determined by external and internal factors which are unpredictable. In today’s world, knowing what will happen in the future can be complicated for businesses to comprehend; that is the reason why management teams of business entities should make sure colocation services ally with the needs of their brands.

Most of the colocation service providers are renowned for offering contracts for multiple years, and this type of agreements is bound to have a negative impact on your organization as it makes it difficult for you to adapt to changes in your field.

At, we understand the importance of having a business model that is flexible as it can adapt to slight changes in the industry. That is the primary reason we created our exciting and adaptable colocation model called; Start Direct Cabinet colocation which is founded on a 30-day pay-as-you-go package. With the help of our World Wide enterprise-class and neutral data center services, you are offered the rare privilege to upgrade or downgrade your plan or even leave at your convenient time. We believe this will help your business to respond swiftly to the brand new opportunities that are yet to be explored.

Share the power

As our client, if you make an order of ten or more Start Direct Cabinets, we will supply them as a Start Direct Cabinets POD. The essence of PODs is to ensure your business is more flexible and also allow you share the entire power allocation across all the racks located in your POD.


The Start Direct Cabinet Colocation package provides you with a personalized and amenable offer which is also backed up by reliable data center infrastructure and enterprise-grade services like traditionally purchased colocation services. These are the attributes of the Start Direct Cabinet Colocation offer:

  • Flexible power configurations – low to high density (from 3.68kW up to 7kW per cabinet);
  • Standard latest generation cabinet: 54U (1200mm deep x 600mm wide);
  • Multiple connectivity options available, you can select your own network provider (we are carrier neutral);
  • Choose your preferred stat date, install and go!

For more information about how you can enjoy our flexible colocation package, contact our sales team or request a quote online.

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