On-Demand Optical Network Provider AFIBER Deploys Connectivity PoP in Datacenter.com Amsterdam AMS1 Data Center

On-Demand Optical Network Provider AFIBER Deploys Connectivity PoP in Datacenter.com Amsterdam AMS1 Data Center

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 31 July 2018 – Datacenter.com, a channel-focused provider of on-demand colocation services with a ‘high-profile’ brand name and a planned roll-out of colocation data centers in strategic markets worldwide, has added AFIBER to its connectivity portfolio in Datacenter.com Amsterdam AMS1. To accomplish this, AFIBER has deployed a network Point of Presence (PoP) in the Datacenter.com Amsterdam AMS1 data center. AFIBER’s software-defined, on-demand networking proposition would be a good fit for Datacenter.com’s own on-demand colocation proposition with month-to-month contracts.

Part of the Dutch telecom carrier group, AFIBER is an international provider of Software Defined Optical Networking services (retail and wholesale) with its roots in the Netherlands. Their highly automated and flexible workflows to provision dark fiber and wavelength services are backed by a high capacity optical network with low latency access to: global carriers and network service providers; 50+ data centers in Dutch metropolitan areas and beyond in the Netherlands; and 1,000+ multi-tenant office locations.

“A variety of AFIBER customers and prospects have been asking us for a while already to have our network services available in Datacenter.com Amsterdam AMS1,” said Jochem de Gruyter, CEO of AFIBER. “If you want to have the Amsterdam metropolitan data center market truly covered, you have to take an independent customer focused approach as network service provider. Adding AMS1 to our optical network offers more diversity to our customers and service providers and underlines our connectivity strategy for high density data and cloud colocation.”

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The Datacenter.com AMS1 data center is located in the Amsterdam South-East Business District – one of the world’s most ‘carrier fiber’-dense areas. As a provider of flexible, on-demand colocation services with month-to-month contracts, Datacenter.com anticipates AFIBER’s highly automated connectivity proposition – focused on low latency and high security – to be an attractive addition to its broad choice of connectivity options already available in their Amsterdam AMS1 data center.

“AFIBER and Datacenter.com share the same demand-oriented company values of delivering high quality data center services featuring highly flexible, on-demand characteristics. What’s more, we share the same aggressive plans for international growth while we’re both delivering a large part of our services through an international ecosystem of channel partners,” said Jochem Steman, CEO of Datacenter.com. “The highly efficient connectivity services offered by AFIBER will certainly cater to the low latency and high bandwidth needs of our most demanding customers including cloud service providers as well as financials and organizations within healthcare.”

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AFIBER’s investments in proprietary optical network management software have resulted in an automated and fast delivery pipeline of dark fiber and wavelength services. Retail customers and channel partners are able to select and configure their network preferences remotely online through the AFIBER online applications. They can select the type of network service, the preferred route(s) and engineering specifications for deployment. AFIBER’s network management system then automatically generates an optimal network design while the prices and technical specifications and even quotations are being generated in real-time.

“Our unique network design provides high grade fiber optical specifications and connectivity standards in the global industry, thanks to our investments in latest network management systems and equipment,” added De Gruyter. “Together with the transparent characteristics of our connectivity services and features like optical encryption it makes our proposition a valuable one in the European market and beyond. Datacenter.com’s market vision is pretty much similar to our own, with their on-demand colocation proposition, its plans for international expansion and also their channel-focused strategy. Next to that, like us, they have a passion for delivering high quality data center infrastructure – in their case, with an ultra-low thus energy-efficient PUE figure and OCP-ready data halls. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Datacenter.com.”



Part of the Dutch telecom carrier group, AFIBER is a Netherlands-based company focused on highly automated and flexible provisioning of dark fiber and wavelength services (retail and wholesale). The company’s investments in proprietary SDN-management and active DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technologies have resulted in cutting-edge optical network product offerings with low latency, high bandwidth and high-security connectivity features. Boasting a long history of working in the data center and telecommunications industry, AFIBER’s management team plans to become a major European provider of optical SDN services within 5 years through its expanding channel partner ecosystem.

To learn more about AFIBER, visit https://www.AFIBER.net.


About Datacenter.com

Datacenter.com’s investors have committed themselves to invest heavily in state-of-the-art data center infrastructure – to meet the market’s growing need for energy efficient, highly interconnected and modular colocation facilities, in which organizations can flexibly and securely host their critical IT infrastructure while cloud computing needs are addressed. Datacenter.com’s customized, reliable and innovative data center solutions are accompanied with the company’s best-in-class customer support.

To learn more about Datacenter.com, visit https://datacenter.com or follow Twitter @datacenter_com.


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