Neutral data center?

Neutral data center

I often get the question why we started and how we are different from the current data center suppliers on the market. Because, after all, doesn’t everyone do the same? During a number of blog posts I will explain our way of working and why we are different. One of many questions: just like, almost every data center indicates that they are neutral. So, this is not unique, right?

Neutral vs Neutral

Let me start by saying that there is no right or wrong. The term (carrier) neutrality or a carrier-neutral data center comes to the forefront, and it has several advantages over carrier specific data centers. A carrier neutral data center offers access to a number of different carriers, who will compete for your business whereas a carrier specific facility offers access to only one carrier that controls the access. The benefit of a carrier neutral data center is that we as data center do not require or encourage customers to connect to any specific carrier. Instead, you can decide yourself which carrier you want to connect to. This offers you freedom because a carrier-neutral data center allows you to switch providers without physically moving your infrastructure to another location.

But does this freedom of choice of the carrier make a neutral data center? What about managed services, or other services? And how neutral is as a data center when you compete with your customers or partners? We don’t compete: you choose your services provider. Of course, we are always available to help you choose a provider, bases on your needs.

Our Neutral model

Our go to market model is based on being partner preferred and we don’t compete with our customers. Never! We defined very clearly what we do “DO” and what we “DON’T”. This strategy makes our data centers a neutral platform for both the customer and the partner community.

We focus on what we are best at: keeping the data center infrastructure available. Our services consist of providing the required square meters of colocation space, redundant power supply, effective cooling and the security of the critical infrastructure in our data center. The foundation!

We allow various partners to come in our facility and provide all kind of additional services on top of our data center infrastructure which will add value towards the customer, such as: managed services, carrier services, cloud services, integration services, etc.

The big advantage of our true neutral model: it helps the customer to get the best service for their business, by selecting the partner that best fits their business. Customers have the freedom with which partner it cooperates and can also change it over time if necessary. Everything without having to move the infrastructure to another data center. Something that is often difficult when the data center also offers the managed services.

This strategy makes it easy and very clear to do business with our organization. After all, we do not compete with our customers nor partners. It’s all about freedom of choice!

Blog post by Jochem Steman, CEO of

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