Huge power outage in Amsterdam - We are prepared!

Huge power outage in Amsterdam – We are prepared!

Whether an outage is caused by bad weather, an overtaxed electrical grid, a backhoe accidentally hitting a power line, your critical infrastructure hosted in your data center needs to be prepared for power loss.

Sunday, April 29th, Dutch electricity network administrator Tennet reported Amsterdam South East was hit by a power outage, with the effect that 18,000 connections no longer had power. The outage occurred 00:42 at a Tennet substation when a high-voltage connection in Amsterdam Bijmer-South failed. Trains, trams, and planes ground to a temporary halt in and around Amsterdam. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was closed due to the power outage.

Did the power outage affect our data center operation?

Our AMS1 site, located in Amsterdam South East, was operational during the blackout. Our site transferred to our generators automatically, ran for about one hour and once the grid returned and when we were happy with the stability we transitioned back. Not a single issue with power loss for our clients.

video below: unexpected outage in February’18, Generators in action:

Our main task as is to keep our data centers and your critical IT infrastructure on-line at all times.. Huge power outages like these confirms that we are able to keep that promise. In a later blog post we will deep-dive in our power testing including black building testing.

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