Facts about Amsterdam as data center location - did you know?

Facts about Amsterdam as data center location – did you know?

We took a look at some facts and figures that make Amsterdam the desirable data center location in Europe, some facts, numbers and photos behind the city’s newest data center: Datacenter.com AMS1.

Facts about Amsterdam as data center location – did you know?

  • Amsterdam, the gateway to Europe, is regarded as important Cloud market and the second largest data center market in Europe.
  • Amsterdam is a key hub for international business. Combined with the Netherlands’ pro-business environment and this is why Datacenter.com joined forces to set up the Datacenter, which aims to stimulate the economy and heighten awareness of the fast-growing data centers sector in the Netherlands.
  • Eleven out of 15 sea cables for digital traffic between the US and Europe come in through the Netherlands.
  • Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the world’s leading internet exchange, handling more than 5.513 Terabits per second during peak traffic. The AMS-IX is connecting around 800 global networks.
  • Amsterdam benefits from an extensive metro fiber network providing (ultra) low latency between data centers, across Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Amsterdam (The Netherlands overall) is the most connect Country in the world, in terms of cross-border flows of trade, capital, information and people. Europe is the world’s most connected region.
  • The first transatlantic e-mail was sent from Amsterdam, the National Center for Mathematics, in 1988, and the 3rd website ever was hosted in Amsterdam.


Facts about Datacenter.com AMS1

  • Datacenter.com AMS1 is strategically located in Amsterdam South East, the heart of the Amsterdam data center area, and is only 2 km from the city center and 19 km from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (15 minutes by car). The data center is surrounded by many international, financial, media and high-tech companies.
  • As the newest data center in the city, it is able to offer more efficient energy management, competitive pricing and lower operating costs compared to the older and less efficient facilities in and around Amsterdam.com AMS1 has a pPUE of < 1.04 at design load.
  • Datacenter.com AMS1 uses a highly efficient adiabatic cooling platform below the raised floor (so no water on the roof, securing your critical infrastructure). We currently (phase 1) storing 80.000 liters of water to guarantee our cooling capacity and we are ready to scale up as we need to.
  • Datacenter.com AMS1 is a 10.900 square meter facility, with 5.000 square meters of raised data floor which is 4 meters above sea level which can house 1.800 cabinets. AMS1 is designed for customers to meet the increasing demand for data-intensive applications that require IT deployments at the digital edge.
  • Datacenter.com AMS1 is carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral so that you can choose the provider that best suits your business. The Amsterdam South East area is famous due to the amount of global network providers available. The robust connectivity offers low latency round trip times to London, Frankfurt, New York, etc.
  • Datacenter.com staff is multilingual and we have 24×7 own staff on-site who are responsible for the security, maintenance and monitoring of all critical systems in the data center facility.
  • Datacenter.com AMS1 offers as first (and only) data center in Amsterdam with our Start direct colocation service, flexible colocation contracts, based on 1 Month terms.

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