’s 4 Commitments to Sustainability’s 4 Commitments to Sustainability

At, we are committed to thinking beyond our walls. Sustainability is one of our core tenants and we strive to support your efforts as well. We design, manage, and operate our company with a focus on building a better future. How does a data center fit into a sustainable world? As you search for an ethical data partner, explore our unique commitments to corporate sustainability:

Respect for Resources proves that cutting-edge technology can have a positive impact on the environment. We are proud to do our part in the race to stop climate change and reverse environmental damage for future generations. is powered by 100% green power and we use highly efficient products to limit overconsumption.

Corporate clients can take advantage of our sustainability certificates and resource provisioning procedures. Efficient cooling and power usage maximize green energy so that we can do more with less. Additionally, is stocked with high-density racks that allow us to house more technology with less wasted materials. Conscious building design is yet another example of’s commitment to maximizing resources.

Equal Opportunity

At, we invite everyone to the table. Our internal code of conduct states that every individual has a fair voice to participate and contribute. By combining the expertise of all individuals, is able to make powerful changes and improvements beyond limited thinking.

Our focus on diversity ensures that no ideas are undervalued or unheard. We work with a diverse range of partners and believe in the power of global connection. When different ideas, stories, and voices come together, we have the opportunity to excel.

Honest Accountability

Trust is one of the most important pillars of corporate sustainability. walks alongside you as a partner in the process and we take full responsibility for the impact of our services. Privacy, continuity, and accessibility are at the center of every decision that we make; when our mistakes cause you to fail, we both feel the pain.

Unlike other data centers that make excuses for failure, we make changes. is accountable to you and we work hard every day to earn your trust. By reducing the risk of failure and fixing problems before they happen, we share in your success stories and growth opportunities.

Shared Knowledge

The global workplace unlocks possibilities and we are attuned to the power of exchange. These physical and digital connections create an efficient web of service providers and partners. empowers organizations with knowledge and support to grow with limitless potential.

We seek out partners around the world that deliver high-quality services with a cooperative focus. Bring in outside experts to think beyond traditional limitations to increase value for your sustainable business.

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