digital businesses

Digital Businesses

The online market is growing exponentially around the world. To grab a share of the exploding market, your company must be dynamic and be able to meet high customer expectations with the fastest response times, continued availability and the highest level of security for digital businesses.

Pressure to increase customer satisfaction

Just a one second delay of your website could easily result in a significant reduction of traffic and conversions and a rapid decrease in customer satisfaction. With expectations sky-high, the pressure to improve your online customer experience is immense. With you are able upscale your infrastructure through increased bandwidth and direct access to all major cloud providers.

Custom solutions to meet your unique requirements

Digital media providers often need sizable capacity. You may quickly grow from a small start-up to a large provider of digital media. This means that you need a data center supplier with a flexible solution that can quickly scale with you. partners with you to create custom solutions that meet your unique space, power and location requirements.

Key advantages:

  • Global data center presence;
  • Access to public cloud services;
  • Access to network exchanges;
  • Flexible colocation plans;
  • Ability to scale quick within our data center facilities.

“Flexible capacity with room to grow”

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  • The importance of Uptime in the Data Center

    In the data center market we talk a lot about uptime and availability to describe how robust the data center infrastructure is. At we stick our flag to our consistent uptime track record, which is 100%. This raises the question: what do those nines mean as the uptime guarantee for your company and why do you care?

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More colocation services

Our datacenters

Access our worldwide network of strategically located, highly available and state-of-the-art data center infrastructures.

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Solutions & Services

We approach and fulfill your needs with carrier and vendor neutral, flexible, best-in-class solutions and services.

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Markets & Industries

We understand that each industry has different requirements. We provide solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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